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Registration Condition

  • I certify that all information in registration form and medical conditions is complete and accurate. In case of any problem regarding your inaccuracy in your information Re-Mi Academy is not responsible

  • $20 non-refundable registration fee is applied (included in our registration fee). For more detail see "refund condition" below

  • In the case of insufficient funds, $10 administration fee will be charged.

  • Re-Mi Academy of Music can slightly modify the camp schedule at any time without notification based on weather conditions and the number of registered students(for team activities)

Refund Condition

  • The $20 registration fee (mentioned above) is not refundable but it is included in your registration fee. That means for example, for 1-week registration you will pay $160 and NOT 160+20.

  • In case you want to cancel your registration the refund policy is as followed:
    *If you cancel 21days before the first day of your registered period, we will refund all your money except $20 registration fee
    *If you cancel  20-7 days before the first day of your registered period, we will refund  %70 of your money after reducing $20 registration fee.
    *If you cancel 7 days before the first day of your registered period, we will refund %50 of your money after reducing $20registration fee.
    Example: you registered for summer camp from 21st July to 25th July (1 week) and you paid $160 for it. If you cancel on 1st July (or before that) we will refund $140 to you  (160-20). If you cancel between 2nd July and 15th July we will refund $98 ((160-20)*%70). If you cancel after 15th July we will refund $70 to you ((160-20)*%50).

  • Mandatory additional camp fees for field trips which are not included in our regular schedule, such as blubbery picking, visiting the museum, going to the cinema, are not refundable. However, these additional fees will be charged WITH notification to the parent in advance. Field trips are Mandatory for campers.

  • No refunds will be issued if a camper is sent home for breaking camp rules or any other unexpected reason not associated with Re-Mi Academy of Music.

  • No refunds will be issued if a camper is absent. However, in some cases, we may refund a part of your registration fee in special cases such as serious family problems, health conditions and etc. These cases should be confirmed by Re-Mi Academy of Music.


  • I understand that the Re-Mi Academy of Music will be photographing and/or filming my child’s activities during his/her days at camp. I hereby give my permission for this material to be used in total or in part for publicity purposes such as in brochures, magazines, newspapers, on television, on the internet etc. This material will remain the property of the Re-Mi Academy of Music Day Camp.
    No videotape may be taken during Re-Mi Academy Day Camp's activities or shows without the written consent of the Re-Mi academy of Music's Day Camp.


  • The Re-Mi Academy of Music Day Camp assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal belongings. In case of theft, no claim may be made against the Re-Mi Academy of Music Day Camp. 

  • The parent and the camper agree to reimburse the Re-Mi Academy Day Camp for any unforseen expenses it incurs on the camper's behalf (special supplies, emergency expenses, services, etc.)

  • All of the camper's limitations, existing conditions (physical and emotional/psychological) and special requirements must be fully disclosed in the Camp medical form.

  • The Re-Mi Academy of Muisc Day Camp reserves the right to refuse any registration for any reason. The decision in such matters will be final.

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